About company

We exist on the market since 1990. We design and build machines and industrial equipment. We produce standard machines, production lines and prototypes on request. Our machines are created from fundamentals through mechanical and electrical design, production of parts, assembly, programming and tests. We also do integration of our machines with existing production lines and modification of this lines.

As well our specialization is manufacturing mechanical parts and subassemblies. Mostly our products are used to build precise machines, devices and production lines for many branches of industry. 
For our production we use CNC machines equipped in latest technological solutions. We have wide machine park for machining, laser cutting and metal plates bending. We provide also TIG and MIG welding services. Manufactured parts in last part of production are going through exact quality control process.

DELTA ROBOT for fast Pick & Place tasks.
Maximum efficiency up to 200 cylces/min.


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